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Screw albums sorted by size

You have a certain number of photos, or photos of a certain size and you are looking for a post bound album where these photos fit best? Than you are right in this section. You will find any post bound album in the right size.

Simply choose the desired category below:

Screw albums 23x17cm
Screw albums 30x25cm
Screw albums 39x31cm

A photo album as post bound album has the important property of being expandable. It is not tied up, but on the side the pages are attached to each other with two small screws. In these screws can be inserted new screws and new pages can be added to the photo album. At the same time, the professionally designed post bound or scew bound album has all the advantages of an ordinary photo album, such as sides of pergamin between the pages, which have a protective effect for the photos.