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Self-adhesive photo block frames


Those who are looking for a very special frame, Goldbuch presents the PHOTO BLOCK collection, the trendiest way to decorate your walls. Photo blocks are innovative and absolutely in fashion. Goldbuch Photo Blocks are available in glossy white, black and grey wood blocks, in several sizes and formats with total stability.
With only a few and easy steps, you will place your picture over the adhesive surface and then you can place it on a table, shelf, window ledge or you can also hang it on a wall, as you like. Feel free to maximize your creativity!

How it's done!

Wear gloves
Remove protective film
Align the photo
Photo stick on
Edgeless cutting
Step 1: Use cotton gloves to avoid damaging the picture.  
Step 2: Pull back a small part of the protection sheet.  
Step 3: Put on the picture in the wished position (vertical or horizontal).  
Step 4: Remove the foil and the picture is laid down on the adhesive surface.  
Step 5: Cut the photo paper flush using a knife.  

goldbuch picture frame Photo Block

The modern way to decorate your rooms:

Anyone who appreciates special (frame) conditions: Photo blocks are the modern way to decorate walls with favorite motifs. Photo blocks are innovative and absolutely trendy. The new photo blocks from the manufacturer Goldbuch are made of a grey, black or white lacquered wood block, who guarantees largest stability. The blocks in different sizes and formats are provided with a special adhesive sheet on which the own photo can be raised with own handles. Conveniently, you can set the photo blocks at will, whether on the windowsill, the bedside table or the shelf - or hang on the wall with a simple nail. A matter of taste. With the Goldbuch photo blocks, you can let your creativity run wild!