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Photo books with cover in artprint

Laminated photo album as photo book: The choice in the range of laminated photo books in art print we offer is large. These photo book covers are made of a man made material which can have a smooth or a glossy finish, in the majority of cases. To this is the possibility to incorporate images, either as a picture (in full colour) or as a negative in the background colour of the album.
Further to this, the covering can have designs or text also imprinted into it, which is predetermined with the design.

You need a different type of binding?

You need an art print covered photo album with a different type of binding? We also offer further photo albums made of art print as spiral album, post bound album and slip-in album.

What kind of photo album is very attractive...

What kind of photo album is very attractive - just at photo albums with a special theme? You can approach a good answer to this question in a very interesting way - here it's about the 'spirit of genius' or, as we would call it in modern times, the 'performance of a designer'. We are talking about art - not necessarily first and foremost the photographic art. Because this is displayed in a photo album. But how acts the frame, and in this context the cover of the photo album? The idea of art prints comes on here - the ideal way for the photo album to be already tuned before unfolding. Art print - this is Casper David Friedrich, Rembrand, van Gogh, Paul Gaughin, Picasso (just to indicate what is at stake) - can initiate a topic with the complete cover. And not only that: The original works of old masters are marked by a deep genius who survived the ages. Through out every detail, the images of sizes of fine art history can also invite, address, convey atmosphere and dress everyday art (namely the photograph in the photo album) in an attractive setting up today and beyond. In order that such a cover can also fulfill the purpose which will be allocated to it, namely to be heavily used, is an art print here just laminated (that is nothing but shrink wrapped). This follows from the logic to make the photo album in its cover always look like new even after frequent use - and this is what makes an individual chosen photo album of this kind to a meaningful and lasting good birthday, wedding or christmas gift.

Why the photo album have sense yet in the time of digital photography and the variety of storage media, some may ask? Again, there may be a number of meaningful and unbeatable answers, but two of them can be considered as very useful and pointedly:
1. Photos do not fade. If you lay photos under foil in the photo album, so they remain unchanged even after decades in their quality. Photo paper has the property of durability.
2. A photo album contains not only photos. Namely here can also handwritten notes be (ongoing) grudged - however, also business cards, invitation cards and other examples of leisure or a documentation of a celebration ceremony can be inserted. This can not be the case on a hard drive.