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Photo album Summertime Classic 30/31 100 pages

This photo book with a high quality linen cover impresses by its colourful design. Sides of pergamin between the 100 white cardboard pages protect your precious photos and preserve them for eternity. A photo album where you can present the images of your favorite moments in your life.

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Product ID: GOL-31704
Quantity:   pc

fine linen

30 x 31 cm

book binding

100 pages (50 sheets)

page colour:
with sides of pergamin for protection

goldbuch, Bamberg


Product details

goldbuch photo album Summertime 30/31 with 100 pages as a modern photo book

This album, bound in fine linen, has a trendy and modern style. A photo album which is ideal for storing and presenting images of your favorite memories and events in your life. This photo book contains 100 white cardboard pages and has space for approx. 600 photos (9 x 13 cm), or 400 photos (10 x 15cm), or 200 photos (11 x 17 cm, 10 x 18 cm or 13 x 18 cm). To protect your precious photos and memories there are sides of pergamin between the pages which offer a perfect protection against contamination.

Photo albums from the Summertime collection are available in many different colours and sizes. Choose your favorite colours and arrange them on a shelf as an eye catcher for anybody visiting your home.
Convince yourself of the modern style and the high quality of these albums.

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