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Children's album Cute giraffe - photo book

Cute photo album as photo book for children. With cover made of high quality art print and an giraffe as cute motif on the front side. The spine is designed around it in yellow. Sides of pergamin between the 60 white cardboard pages protect your precious children's photos and preserve them for eternity.

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Product ID: GOL-27107
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art print

30 x 31 cm

with yellow spine

book binding

60 pages (30 sheets)

page colour:
with sides of pergamin for protection

goldbuch, Bamberg


Product details

goldbuch children's photo album Cute with giraffe

The childhood! There is hardly a time in life in which so many changes and moments arise that you want to hold. Therefore, many parents try to perpetuate the most beautiful and important moments in the form of photos. The matching repository could be the goldbuch children's album CUTE giraffe. On 60 white pages and with a size of 30 x 31 cm parents have the opportunity to capture special moments for eternity. Because of the fact, that the pages are made of cardboard / photo paper and are separated by intermediate pages made of pergamin, your photos will be well protected.
You are solely responsible for the design of the white cardboard pages. But also the exterior matches the purpose of creating a keepsake that will also cause many years of enthusiasm. The binding of high-quality art print is laminated and decorated with a giraffe as an animal motif. So already invites the optics to retain many colourful pictures and nice moments and to watch this again and again, even years later.

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