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Payment methods for shopping photoalbumshop.co.uk

Currently, we receive more and more questions concerning the security of payment. In this section we have now described the general advantages of our payment methods and hope to have answered your most frequent questions this way. If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 020 3499 5762.

We offer a choice of several different payment options. All options are without extra charge. We offer payment by...

  • Prepayment - Just transfer the amount invoiced into our company bank account. Your goods will be shipped after receipt of payment.
  • Credit Card - You may also conveniently pay by credit card. We accept Visa or MasterCard.
  • PayPal - We accept the following credit cards with PayPal: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express


If you order by prepayment, you will receive all further information by e-mail (bank details, order no., amount invoiced) with our order confirmation. If you e-mail or fax us your payment document [for details see below] confirmed by your bank to info@photoalbumshop.co.uk, we will ship your order as fast as possible upon receipt of this document. Otherwise we will have to wait for receipt of your payment in our bank account before shipping the order.

Please make sure to submit the following information with your payment:

  • name of remittee: INAGRO GmbH, Photoalbumshop or Jan Rolfsmeyer
  • account number and bank identifier code of remittee
  • transfer amount [in this case: amount invoiced]
  • reason for payment [in this case: order number]
  • acknowledgement of receipt or execution confirmation from bank of remitter [in case of manual remittance the stamped and signed acknowledge receipt from your bank] - [in case of online banking the execution confirmation from your bank that is displayed on your screen after completion of money transfer]

Remittance advice, which we receive as an attachement via e-mail can only be accepted as JPG-, GIF-, BMP- or PDF-file. All other data files [EXE, DOC, XLS, etc.] will be deleted immediately, since these files may contain viruses, Trojans, etc.
Thank you for your assistance and understanding concerning this matter.

Credit Card

You may also choose payment by credit card - conveniently and free of charge. Your credit card will be verified by our payment service provider. The amount due for payment will be charged to your credit card after dispatch of goods. In your credit card statement, the item will be declared as "INAGRO GmbH".

PayPal - pay online safer

Sign up for PayPal now and use one of the easiest and most secure internet-payment methods available, with alreday over 150 million accounts worldwide! Opening a PayPal account only takes a few steps. Payment through this account can be carried out at once: Send funds without sharing your financial information, receive funds quickly from anyone with an email address in the 190 countries and regions that accept PayPal, withdraw funds from your PayPal account, make and receive payments in the currency you select (PayPal supports 18 currencies). PayPal already is the preferred method of payment on eBay and offers you full protection for your eBay purchases - whatever the amount.

PayPal - pay by email with your PayPal-account

More and more providers decide to present and sell their range of goods online. The main focus for both buyer and seller is on the safety and reliability of payment methods. PayPal is one of the most frequently used internet payment methods in the world. The concept is very easy and works like a virtual bank account. Just sign in for a PayPal account at https://www.paypal.com and once you're done, you can send your payment in minutes! Pay anyone with an email address or phone number - instantly. PayPal offers 100% protection against unauthorized payments taken from your account.

PayPal - payment by credit card via PayPal

With PayPal you can pay with further credit cards when shopping with us. PayPal accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover und American Express. No further charges will be incured.

Visit https://www.paypal.com for more information on PayPal.