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Leporello albums in many different designs

You want to present your photos as a small gift your friends, relatives or even customers? With a leporello, also called fanfold album, from our online shop you can arrange your favorite photos and show them stylish at every opportunity. In the photo album shop you will find the perfect leporello for any occasion with matching small bow or decorative silk ribbon. Select the leporello for your photos and give your memories a worthy frame. Creative equipped with pictures and text, each leporello is unique.

Exclusive Linum leporello - made by goldbuch

Linum leporello 916 blue
Linum leporello 918 turquoise
Linum leporello 921 light green
Linum leporello 927 red
Linum leporello 931 beige
Linum leporello 934 blackberry
Linum leporello 935 black

The leporello's are very popular due to their versatility. Whether as a table album, table decoration or just as a little present, leporello folder find the highest appeal. The ability to easily plug a leporello album in the handbag is a very popular alternative, especially for parents and grandparents. Thereby the latest pictures of the offspring can be taken anywhere and you can show the photos full of pride. Through the decorative bow or ribbon with which a leporello is held together, the album is also visually very beautiful and a high quality gift idea. The foldable inner sides of cardboard pages give the leporello photo album a very stable and versatile structure.