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Identity of the seller:

Photoalbumshop.co.uk is a site operated by INAGRO GmbH.

We are registered in Germany with our registered office and main trading address at Koenigstr. 7, 32584 Löhne, Germany.

Phone: 020 3499 5762
e-mail: info@photoalbumshop.co.uk, e-shop: www.photoalbumshop.co.uk

Our VAT number: DE 270 268 564

Features essential to the product or service:

The essential characteristics of the goods or services resulting from the respective product description set by the seller.

Conclusion of the contract:

The conclusion of the contract is in accordance with Paragraph 3 of the terms and conditions of the seller.

Payment and delivery:

The payment is in accordance with Paragraph 6, the delivery in accordance with Paragraph 4 and 5 of the terms and conditions of the seller.

Delivery time:

Shipping usually takes from 2 to 5 workdays. In case of delay, you will be notified. Please note with deliveries to outside the EU (eg Switzerland) that the delivery time may be delayed due to a possible customs clearance. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this processing.

Storage and Accessibility of the contract:

The contract"s text will be stored by the seller. Our general terms and conditions can be retrieved by the customer from this page at any time and may be printed or saved on your computer if desired. The detailed order data will be sent to you by e-mail immediately after each order.
If you have not received our automatic order confirmation by e-mail, please check the spam filter of your e-mail account. If you have submitted a wrong e-mail address, please give us a call at 020 3499 5762. We will be happy to help you.

Input errors and means for correcting:

Please check your entries. You can correct input errors by clicking the button back using the usual keyboard and mouse functions.
If all the data is correct, click the order button.

Contract language:

The contractual language is English or German.

Code of Conduct:

Photoalbumshop.co.uk is certified by Trusted Shops and has committed itself to the Trusted Shops Code of Conduct which can be viewed at www.trustedshops.co.uk.