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Baby albums as photo book

The long wait is over and the baby changed every day the world since his birth. Since there is so incredible much to discover and if it is the only toy that was attached to the stroller. Every moment is to be noted, of course, and found our baby albums a beautiful frame. This of course includes the birthdays or the first attempts of crawling. These are moments that are unforgettable and will of course keep for eternity. In our baby albums this can always be traced. These are also designed so diverse that they can be matched directly to the next generation.

Photo albums with pergamin

All photo books have strong inner cardboard pages with sides of pergamin between the inner pages, which prevent sticking together of the photos at both sides use and protect your precious photos! Pergamin or glassine is also known under the term spider paper.

Baby albums! Every one can imagine a myriad of images that would fit to this idea and here you will find a large range of high quality baby albums as photo books and we are confident you will find more than one that will fit your taste. We have a choice of photo books that are second to none in quality. These baby albums can not only be for your own collection of pictures of your baby but also you will find options for presents for Grandparents, Godparents or other friends or relations.
Or even baby albums such as with the leporello design, also known as fanfold or concertina albums, which can not only be viewed as a book but also to display your latest and favourite snaps, displaying the contents easy as the design lends itself to be opened and spread out showing your most loved images in full. Additionally, leporello albums are of a size which can be conveniently carried in your pocket or bag. With this high quality selection of products you will draw even more attention the newest addition to your family with even more pride and joy, if that is at all possible.