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v. transehe cardboard pages 24 x 25 cm

With this set of refill pages you can expand your v. transehe post bound album or guest book just as desired.

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Product ID: TRA-64808
Quantity:   set

24 x 25 cm

20 pages
(10 sheets)

page colour:
black or chamois

only for use with
post bound albums
sized 25 x 25 cm

v. transehe design

v. Transehe

Product Details

v. transehe cardboard pages for post bound albums sized 25 x 25 cm

This set to expand or restore your v. transehe post-bound albums or guestbooks includes 20 cardboard pages available in black or chamois. It expands the album's capacity by 20 photos - 9 x 13 cm, 10
x 15 cm, 11 x 17 cm or 10 x 18 cm or 10 photos - 13 x 18 cm. It is suitable for all photo albums with post binding sized 25 x 25 cm.