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Marabu Deco Painter matt

If you ever require a solution for designing and decorating on smooth surfaces, Marabu paint markers are what you are looking for. The fine 1-2 mm round tip of the Marabu Deco Painter will enable you to create detailed lettering and decorations even on on glass bottles, baubles, biscuit tins or storage boxes. It is available in many brilliant colors which all offer excellent coverage.

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Product ID: MAR-012231
Quantity:   pc

Marabu Deco Painter - pictogram

line strength:
1 - 2 mm

bullet tip

very good coverage







Product Details

The paintwork - The Marabu Deco Painter is the perfect paint marker for your photo album!

Proper usage of the Marabu Deco Painter is easy and convenient: Shake well, remove cap, place the tip on piece of scrap paper and gently pump up and down until the tip fills with ink. Now you are ready to get creative!
This pen is waterproof, abrasion-, light- and heat resistant.

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